Dear Friends,

It is a proud moment for us to be featured as the ‘Best Place to Work’ by Technology Widgets magazine. As a company we have great pride on our kindred and highly inclusive work culture that tears apart work barriers and stereotypes. And now this is being recognised and appreciated by all.

The magazine has in its feature on Softlink talked about the Friendly & Recognition Oriented Work Environment of the company, the long history of attracting and retaining the best of talent and being a second home to many of its employees. The feature goes on to say; it is an invigorating environment at Softlink where employees are motivated to invest themselves into their work, fully realizing their role and contribution in the company’s growth.

Cheers! As we take giant steps towards greater glory let us make a solemn pledge to rededicate ourselves to the company and its goals. Let our tribe continue to grow.

You can read the complete feature by the magazine here – Click Here