Sitting in a corner scrolling up and down the screen of my mobile or laptop for hours and hours makes me wonder, how these Social platforms have completely changed our lives. Aren’t we more active on Social Media then we are in real life?

In the past decade or so, Social media have gained immense fame and popularity worldwide. Not only that but has also become a vital part of our own life. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are a source to keep us updated on the latest trends and a super easy way to stay tuned with what our friends up to.

Just like everything else Social media too has its own positive and negative influence in one’s life.

Through these platforms, you can be anyone or portray yourself the way you always desired to be. A lot of people tend to live a virtual life and showcase their imaginary lifestyle to others. Some youth even feel the need to change their physical appearance by comparing themselves to others in Social media, which is the major cause for negative thoughts, depression and low self-esteem among youngster nowadays. The virtual world of social media is cutting off people from the reality. We are so engrossed in these digital platforms that we sometimes have an entire conversation with someone in the same room as us through the platform without actually speaking a word. We prefer to rather share a picture or a text message through Social media with a friend than actually go see them in person. As with all things social media also has a sinister side. There are people who use social media for nefarious activities to dupe and take advantage of the gullible.

Let’s talk about the positives. Social media has a lot to offer and can influence our lives in a very healthy way. For a lot of people it’s an outlet for their thoughts and a platform to meet people with similar interests and views. It also bridges the gap between people staying in different parts of the world, across continents. The reason Social media makes it so easy to build bonds and connect with people is that you’re allowed to express your thoughts, likes and dislikes, which people can easily relate to hence making it effortless to find a group of people supporting the same cause, thoughts or ideology. For people who face difficulties in interacting with other people face-to-face, Social media is an excellent platform to make friends as well as share their thoughts and experiences. Social Media keeps us updated on events that are happening around the globe. The beauty about Social media is that it has no boundaries on the topics, thoughts, experiences you wish to share. You can randomly talk about anything and have audiences of all age, cast, gender, religion, etc. share their views and opinions on the same. Social media can be used in various ways to shape education, business, world culture, politics, innovation and more.

Social media can help us prosper in enormously different ways. As well as hold us down in so many ways. The impact of Social media on us is up for us to decide.