1.  Corporate Tax Rate to be 22% Without  Exemption.
  2.  Effective Tax Rate after surcharge to be @ 25.17%
  3.  The new Tax Rate is subject to the condition that companies won’t avail any other incentive
  4.  Minimum Alternate Tax reduced to 15% from 18.5%
  5.  Effective Tax for new companies  setting up from October 2019 shall be 17.1%
  6.  Companies enjoying tax holiday can avail concessional Rates after the exemption period
  7.  To Boost the demand in the automobile sector, several temporary relief measures introduced including increased depreciation cost –  for automobiles for Corporates & business. An Additional 15% depreciation will be provided on vehicles acquired from now till   March 2020  taking total depreciation to 30 %.
  8.  Buyback Tax for listed companies announcing buybacks before 5th July 2019 is exempted.
  9.  Enhanced Surcharge not to apply on capital gain on sale of securities including derivatives in the hands of FOREIGN Portfolio   investor
  10.  CSR 2% Spending to include government PSU incubators and public-funded education entities & IITS