It was back in 2017 when I planned to go to Bhuj Gujrat, to visit the White Sand Desert but could not complete due to some reason. It is a pleasure sharing with you all “Softlinkers” that I successfully completed the SOLO BIKE RIDE to the destination in 48 hours or 2 days. It was a cozy TUESDAY evening when I started the journey around 10 PM after office, and after crossing the city it was pretty cold but I was determined to complete the ride this time. While driving through the highway I was thinking back about my office work, and after sometime when I started feeling cold all I could think of I need to go back as it was getting cold. Then there was a TOLL PLAZA near the DAMAN in Gujrat, I was almost 150KM away from home. There were few truck drivers and a TEA STALL, I just stopped my bike and started heating myself up in the fire lit by the tea stall owner, after fifteen-twenty minutes I could feel the warmth from the fire and tea and my brain was charged up again to drive more. I started riding and reached AHEMEDABD around 4.30AM in the morning and got fresh. I drove towards my destination of BHUJ District and reached the city in the afternoon and driving towards the actual RANN UTSAV the four-month desert festival from NOV to FEB it was a great sight for my eyes. It was a mesmerizing feeling that I reached and walked around the Village and when my eyes finally met the WHITE DESERT in the cold 10-degree temperature it was an amazing feeling to witness nature’s beauty, native people, a bicycle rider from AUTRIA who had cycled around 140 countries and local cuisine. I was amazed by the hospitality where I stayed from a night in a BHONGA, a hut made of wood and in that temperature being cozy was the best of the feelings to share, I am amazed I am sitting in the PicsArt_01-17-11.15.24office with beautiful feeling, freshness and energy. I made so many experiences, thoughts and inspiration to be grateful to nature, love everything around you and cherish every journey of life. It’s all about the journey’s you take in life that makes life great and memorable. It was an amazing feeling to see the DAZZLING START reflection in the WHITE DESERT and finally achieved something I dreamed about long ago. So, hope everyone travels and follow their dreams and passion and complete their journey. Keep riding, keep driving and keep living Softlinkers.