Mumbai, the city of Bollywood and dreams, is synonymous to lights, glamour, and grandeur. Mumbai is a paradise when it comes to food from rich, creamy desserts to tangy appetizers. While fine dining in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is something every tourist would want to give way to, Mumbai’s true taste lies in its street food. It is a fact that everyone, irrespective of their culture or background, loves to enjoy these street foods. If you’re planning to visit Mumbai anytime soon, try some of these 10 yummy street foods.

8 – Kebabs and rolls
Kebabs and rolls are on the top list for many Mumbaikars and people visiting Mumbai. One can find a lot of vegetarian street food in Mumbai but kebabs and rolls are mostly non-veg. So, non-vegetarians lovers can enjoy this delicious street food in Mumbai. Mumbai has a large number of street stalls that serve mouth-watering kebabs and rolls, bhuna rolls are very famous amongst all the kebabs and rolls and usually preferred by people. Bhuna roll is made with boneless chicken cooked in spicy gravy and wrapped within a freshly cooked rumali roti, which is a very thin roti.

7- Frankie
Frankie is one of the finest street foods in Mumbai today. It consists of flour wraps filled with eggs, vegetables, non-veg, with loads of cheese etc. There are so many versions of Frankie available on the streets of Mumbai today. The main ingredient is complemented by raw onion with spicy and tangy sauces. It is an amazing delicacy to try!

6- Bombay Sandwich
Why is Bombay Sandwich different from other sandwiches? Well, this special sandwich has the most Indian flavours than any other sandwich of its kind. It features slices of vegetables, sauce, chutneys, cheese etc, packed inside two slices of bread. The x-factor is the coriander and mint chutney that is added with the chat powder, this adds unique flavours to the taste. You will find different varieties of Bombay Sandwich with amazing Indian flavours in Mumbai.

5- Falooda
For someone who has a sweet tooth, Falooda is must-have street food in Mumbai. Served in a bowl or a glass, this dessert is made from flavoured milk, tapioca pearls, vermicelli, and lots of gelatin. Today, Falooda comes with a plethora of variations but its most traditional form is the one served and garnished with rose syrup.

4- Bhel Puri
If you are planning to spend an evening at the Chowpatty beach or Juhu Beach then you will never miss Bhel Puri. These famous beaches in Mumbai is popular for housing a plethora of Bhel Puri stalls. There are a large number of people who visit Chowpatty or Juhu beach daily mainly for their love for Bhel Puri. It is a crunchy snack with puffed rice mixed with onions, tomatoes, chilli, potatoes and different flavoured chutneys. This mixture is then topped with some spicy and tangy powder.

3- Pav Bhaji
Spicy, full buttery and lemony, Pav Bhaji rules the hearts of all Mumbaikars and tourist who visits this city. This is a traditional Maharashtrian dish where the ‘Pav’ – a lightly heated with butter in the form of bread, is served with an exotic blend of assorted and mashed vegetables together that forms the ‘Bhaji’. Taste of this yummy street food depends on the sides that it comes with. A piece of butter, few onions, and tomatoes with a wedge of lemon add flavours to the Pav Bhaji experience.

2- Pani Puri
Pani Puri is one of the special and famous street food that celebrates India’s diversity at its best. It is Known with almost 11 different names such as Puchka, Gol Gappa, Paani Ke Patashe, Papdi etc, this is one of the city favourite street foods. The circular and crisp hollow fried balls called ‘Puri’ are filled with a mixture of chickpeas, onion, potato and chutney. Once it is filled, the puri is dipped into a sweet and spicy mix of mint, chilli, tamarind, jaggery and other condiments. Pani Puri promises a burst of different flavours in your mouth and hence, it is a must-have Mumbai street food.

1- Vada Pav
Vada Pav is said to be the king of street foods in Mumbai. This delicious Maharashtrian delicacy spiced up with chillies and when served hot is loved by literally every single Mumbaikar and people visiting Mumbai. There are more than 400,000 Vada Pav stalls in Mumbai, which clearly states Mumbai’s love for it. What makes Vada pav on top of this list is its spicy and tangy taste. It comprises of a “vada”, which is a deep-fried potato patties mashed with chillies, garlic, coriander and other condiments. While the “pav” is a flatbread, which is smeared with a pinch of garlic and chilli powder. So, the vada is sandwiched in the pav and garnished with chilli chutney, even cheese these days. Isn’t it mouth-watering? You’ll find different versions of Vada Pavs at different stalls in Mumbai.