I pace in my room, distracted and weird
Hoping what’s happened is not what I feared
I sit there thinking, thinking all day
I can’t help but wonder how’d it end up this way?

Seated on my chair, with tears on my face
Reflecting on the impossible dream that I chase
I pace in my room and ponder on this
Do others see life as such an abyss?

If only i had someone to grant my one wish
Of seeing life captured in a Petri dish
That way we could see life with all of our doubts
Hoping and hoping that we could figure it out

I pace in my room and will always wonder
What kind of spell does life have me under?
Will I always pace drowning in thoughts?
Or after this time will I attain the answer I’ve sought?
Will I dig up what I’ve been searching for?
Or will I just lay my next foot on the floor?

I’ve been pacing my room hunting galore
Will I find the answer I’ve been looking for?
Then I came across this amazing sensation, that put the end to my
It was a saying known across this great nation
It was that, life is the journey not the destination